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Building the inner game to achieve levels of excellence in the outer game

Setting “success under the microscope” and studying individuals and groups of people in the process of accomplishing their core purposes, sheds light to the notion of “Inner Game” that refers to the internal thinking processes, the mindset. It is the key to successfully master the “Outer Game” which encompasses behaviors and actions, in order to thrive and navigate in complexity and increase the chances towards a more consistent success pathway in ventures, new roles, projects, core purposes.

Platform of our models & approaches

The basic premise is about discovering “the difference that makes the difference” between poor, average and exceptional performance. It entails:

  • Tracing and depicting the difference, that makes the difference, in people’s mindset that define them as role models, top performers, genius thinkers, game changers
  • Understanding the essential elements of thought that lead to certain action by an individual, group or organization to consistently reach a successful outcome or to achieve something remarkable
  • Calibrating this knowledge into cutting edge methodologies that involve identifying the essential elements of thought and action to be tailor-used by an individual, a group of professionals, an organization to pursue their own core purposes, ventures, roles


Success Factor Modeling

driving and changing the way business is done

Neuro Logical Level of Change photo

Neuro Logical Levels of Change

keeping track of the information and recognizing the level an issue originates


Collective Inteligence

It arises with groups of individuals which act in ways that seem intelligent

Disney strategy

Disney Strategy

the process of turning fantasies into concrete and tangible expressions