The Synolic® model provides for diagnosing and designing with greater accuracy the actions needed to improve individual performance.

It examines:

  • not only work-related factors (skills/abilities/competencies)
  • but also personal factors (work preferences, personality, life goal plans) that influence people’s decisions and account for much of human behavior

Towards that direction, as of 1998, Synolic®, has selectively incorporated among other tools, specific business protocol techniques from the innovative system of neuroscience and neurolinguistics, in order to enrich a business executive repertoire for professional and personal proficiency. Those fields are about a high-level expertise on the structure and process of performance and deal with:

  • Depicting how people code the information inside their minds (the structure of a situation or thinking approach).
  • Repatterning the path that each one of us uses to achieve what we want to generate new potentials, new resources, and new strengths and create a life orientation that aims for excellence and results.
The Synolic® HRD model designed by Dr. Alan M. Barratt and Dr. Patrick Georges -the British management journal Executive Development, 1995.